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The Ripple Effect

Have you ever thrown a rock into a calm lake just to watch the ripples on the water? As you study it, you can see the concentric rings that form around the point of entrance. These rings expand exponentially and spread out over other areas of the lake in direct proportion to the size of the rock that was tossed in.

If you throw in many small pebbles you will see these rings bump into each other, one influencing the next, based on their individual sizes. These effects are known as ripple effects. It is where one action or event influences the area around it, causing a series of other events to happen.

If you study sociology, you will find that people can also be participants in the ripple effect. Our words and actions can heavily influence those around us, creating a chain of events and repercussions that we may or may not be aware of.

Think about what type of ripple effect that you want to have on others. Do you want to spread positivity or spread negativity? Do you want to comfort those around you or incite them into being more fearful? Do you want to spread calmness or add to the chaos?

Please, choose your words and actions very carefully . . . be the drop that creates a wave of positive change and not one that adds to a turbulent sea. (quote from Guidebook to Angel Talk by Cathy Catching)

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