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If you have attended one of my classes or had a reading from me, please e-mail me your testimonial at and I will add it to this page.


Love and light!


"Life without limitations is awesome!  I gave away a wheelchair, walker and cane shortly after I was healed!  My biggest goal is to inspire others to never give up, take better care of themselves; and get in touch with their spiritual side!"   - Cathy Catching

"Cathy, thank you for the reading I had Friday, I feel so much better.  I feel free and can face each day as it was the first day of my life.  I love my husband so much and miss him each day but as long as he is happy, I'm happy for him.  Thank you for the new day ahead for me; you are my new friend."
"She was right on with everything!  Even talked about my daddy and jellybeans.  No way she would have known this story."  -  L. V.
“Cathy, you did a reading for my sister and I recently.  You made me feel comfortable about some of the things going on during this awakening!  Today I asked where my old glasses were and I “saw” them in my mind’s eye.  My sister was floored by the reading!  It was so meant to be.”-A .
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