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Cathy Catching is considered an angel intuitive, medium, channeler and psychic.  With the direction of her angels, she is now able to offer others comfort and guidance through a variety of means.  She gives personal and group/gallery readings, teaches and has written three books.  Her first book,  Angel Talk, relays the story of her miraculous healing that occurred in November, 2011; her second book, Guidebook to Angel Talk, is an instructional book designed to teach others how to communicate with their very own angels or other divine beings; and her third book, Healing with Angel Talk is a handbook that teaches how the angels can help people heal their mind, body and soul! 


Cathy's angels have also guided her to speak publicly about her experiences so that others can learn and benefit from them.  She is available for speaking engagements and will deliver precisely what her audience needs to hear! 


In addition to her spiritual work, Cathy also owns a small business in Galveston, Texas, called Mysticatz.  If you are in the area, stop by the shop and say hello. She sometimes channels tidbits of divine information to those who venture through her door!

"I want to inspire others to achieve their greatest potential.  Everyone can have an amazing level of satisfaction with their life.  Everyone can be happy.  Everyone can be successful.  Divine communication is all it takes."

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