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The Lost Car

The Lost Car

Are you ready for a bit of humor? After a little shopping trip today, I walked out to the parking lot and realized that I wasn’t “in the moment” when I got out of my car. Basically, that means that I didn’t remember where I parked. All of the sudden I heard a loud male voice say “Hey, I’m over here!” It was coming from my left side and as I looked up, I saw my vehicle!

Now, as most of you know, I am a clairaudient and can hear my angels talking to me as human voices. With that in mind, they usually talk to me “inside of my head” and not externally so I don’t get confused with the physical world. Well, this particular voice was definitely external and I was quite amused that my angels would pretend to be my car.

As I thanked them for guiding me in this very creative manner, I heard the voice again, reiterating “I’m over here!” Much to my surprise (and further amusement), I discovered the true origin of the voice. It seems that two ladies had lost their car and driver so he was simply flagging them down.

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