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Future of "Angel Talk?"

Heard an interesting story from a woman at my jewelry shop the other day. She told me that she had seen my book, "Angel Talk", in Barnes & Noble and distinctly remembers picking it up and looking at my picture on the back. Funny thing is that the book is not in a brick and mortar Barnes & Noble !! (at least not just yet:)

Clear Quartz - A Healing Stone

It is believed that a quartz crystal can amplify energy and is considered a fine healing stone. It is readily available and fairly inexpensive. Many have amazing qualities about them that fascinate the human eye!

Amethyst - A Healing Stone

Many consider amethyst to be a magnificent healing stone. Its very color reflects a state of balance as it is made from red (a high energy color) and blue (a peaceful color). Stones and colors can aid us in our emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Surround yourself with those that you like and make you feel healthy, happy and one with our universe! Let the healing begin!

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