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Can you see the Angel?

I attended Doreen Virtue's Certified Angel Card Reader's class in Austin, TX back in June of 2014 and took this amazing picture!

Apple Cider Vinegar!!!

Looking for an easy healing tonic for better health? Try apple cider vinegar!! Taken on a daily basis, it changes the pH of the blood and can help prevent colds, flu and other infections. It is also being used to treat diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and a multitude of other health issues!! It is even used as an effective weight loss product!

Natural Allergy Medicine!

Looking for a natural allergy medication? Try green tea with Echinacea! If you don't like the flavor, you can add other ingredients/teas for your special taste! Any of the ingredients in the second picture are acceptable and have other medicinal benefits!

Sounds like an angel conversation!

The sounds from this recording remind me of how my angels sounded when I first became clairaudient. Listen to the musical "tinkling" sounds; you might be hearing more than the planets; it might just be a divine conversation!

Having Respiratory Issues?

Having respiratory issues? Try green tea and lemon (or Lemon Zinger tea)! My father-in-law has successfully treated his bronchitis with this simple recipe! He has added local honey for taste & other medicinal benefits!

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