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The Lost Car

The Lost Car Are you ready for a bit of humor? After a little shopping trip today, I walked out to the parking lot and realized that I wasn’t “in the moment” when I got out of my car. Basically, that means that I didn’t remember where I parked. All of the sudden I heard a loud male voice say “Hey, I’m over here!” It was coming from my left side and as I looked up, I saw my vehicle! Now, as most of you know, I am a clairaudient and can hear my angels talking to me as human voices. With that in mind, they usually talk to me “inside of my head” and not externally so I don’t get confused with the physical world. Well, this particular voice was definitely external and I was quite amused th


It's never a good idea to hold a grudge. It is best to forgive everyone of everything. This doesn't mean that you condone their actions; it simply means that you are ready to let it go so you can be happier.

The Orange Flower

Does anything in life happen randomly or as coincidence? To be honest with you, I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that there are many things in life that are not. The following is a true story of another very interesting event that happened at my shop in Galveston a few days ago. It involves divine timing . . . and an orange flower. Sometime last week a very nice couple stopped by the shop in Galveston and we had a wonderful conversation about rocks, crystals and other spiritually related stuff. They shopped a bit and when all was done, I walked them to the door (which, by the way, I don’t often do). As they walked out the door, we all noticed a bright orange flower just outside the th

Bob and the Little White Feather

Bob and the Little White Feather While working at the old location of our shop in Galveston, I encountered a very nice man who was working in the Houston area. He traveled a lot with his job and actually lived out of state. He appeared to be a bit lonely and had been out strolling in the Strand area when he “stumbled” into my shop. I shared the story of my healing, including the information about me being clairaudient. I don’t think he completely believed that I was in communication with the angelic realm, but I understood his skepticism. I felt a strong urge to suggest that he “slow down” a bit and watch for one of the angel’s calling cards, which are feathers. The next time I saw Bob,

The Ripple Effect

Have you ever thrown a rock into a calm lake just to watch the ripples on the water? As you study it, you can see the concentric rings that form around the point of entrance. These rings expand exponentially and spread out over other areas of the lake in direct proportion to the size of the rock that was tossed in. If you throw in many small pebbles you will see these rings bump into each other, one influencing the next, based on their individual sizes. These effects are known as ripple effects. It is where one action or event influences the area around it, causing a series of other events to happen. If you study sociology, you will find that people can also be participants in the rippl


Look what Mike spotted on the wall at our shop yesterday! Still a skeptic? Have a blessed day!

Nature's Beauty

"While working on your spiritual journey, take some time to enjoy nature's beauty. Study the details of this flower and see if you can "feel" the color and "smell" the fragrance. By doing this, your body relaxes and you begin to open up to the divine world around you!" Photo courtesy of Mike Catching


“Sometimes it is necessary to change your perspective of a situation or event. Do your best to view everything with a positive light in mind. You may be pleasantly surprised at how you will feel and what you will see!”

Divine Love

“Sit quietly dear ones and open your heart to us. Experiencing our divine love will allow you to find the peace and joy that you so desire.”

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