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Bob and the Little White Feather

Bob and the Little White Feather

While working at the old location of our shop in Galveston, I encountered a very nice man who was working in the Houston area. He traveled a lot with his job and actually lived out of state. He appeared to be a bit lonely and had been out strolling in the Strand area when he “stumbled” into my shop.

I shared the story of my healing, including the information about me being clairaudient. I don’t think he completely believed that I was in communication with the angelic realm, but I understood his skepticism. I felt a strong urge to suggest that he “slow down” a bit and watch for one of the angel’s calling cards, which are feathers.

The next time I saw Bob, I was standing outside the front door of the shop and he exclaimed “Hey, I haven’t seen any of those feathers, yet!” Well, at that very moment, a slight breeze kicked up and a single feather blew down the sidewalk right in front of us! I casually said something like “Well, there you go, there’s your sign!” He chuckled a bit and I truly believe that he blew it off as coincidence, although I’m sure it gave him some enjoyment.

The next time I saw Bob, we were having a serious discussion at my front counter. Both of us were casually leaning on it with our elbows gently resting against the glass. We were again discussing the feather business and if my memory serves me correct, he mentioned that the incident was really neat. I again reassured him that these were indeed real signs of angelic presence and not simply coincidences.

At that precise moment, something caught my eye. Without turning my head, I noticed a very tiny white feather drifting over my right shoulder as if in slow motion! It was coming from the back of the shop which is directly opposite of my front door. It continued its leisurely path across my shoulder and gently landed on the front counter, directly between us! I looked up at him, knowing that he had seen the entire event and I softly said, “There’s your sign.”

Folks, this was impressive, even for me! I believe in my heart that Bob needed to see this incredible event to help convince him that there is a world out there that can help us if we ask. We have since discussed the incident and I noticed that he is happier and has quit smoking. I don’t know if all of his problems have been solved, but he now has the vivid memory of the little white feather to remind him that “all things are possible”. (quote from Guidebook to Angel Talk by Cathy Catching)

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