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I put these classes together so that others could learn how divine communication can improve their quality of life.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced healer, there is a class here that can benefit you!



  • Angel Talk for Beginners – Everyone has the ability to access divine information.  This class teaches how angelic communication can be of benefit; how to initiate the communication and how to interpret the responses.  Learn about clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience and more!  “Don’t be surprised when we channel through your instructor!”


  • Polishing Your Intuitive Skills – This class is designed for those who know that they are psychic/intuitive but are unsure of what it means.  Instruction will be given on how to refine the gift and practical uses of it.  Discussion will be held on how to use your gift as a source of income if so desired.  “Your world is in need of healers from all walks of life.  Many are being awakened so that they can carry out divine work!”


  • Healing Through Angel Talk – This class is recommended for those suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) of any kind; including veterans, abuse victims and childhood trauma.  Learn how angels can show you a “Living Life Review” that can heal you from issues associated with this trauma.  Our angels know precisely what we need for emotional healing!  “We can help you overcome traumatic issues, no matter what the source!”


  • Connecting With Loved Ones – Do you know someone who is grieving over a loved one that has passed on?  Many find solace and peace of mind making a connection to those in heaven.  During this class, instruction will be given on how to make that connection yourself.  If given divine permission, loved ones will communicate through the instructor or one of the students.  “Although it is very difficult for those left behind, it is important to know that the departed are going back to be with God and are really not that far away.  There is just a very thin veil between heaven and earth!” 


  • Advanced Healers Class – This class is designed for those who are already doing healing work but would like to hone or expand their skills.  Although healers are intuitive and receive their own divine information, my angels encouraged me to set up this class so that those healers could receive specialized instruction and validation of their gifts.

Classes are currently available on a private basis only with a minimum of twelve students.  If you are interested in organizing a class, please send an e-mail so we can coordinate a date and location! 


Classes last approximately 2 hrs and pricing for a local venue (within a 50 mile radius) will be $50 each.  An out of town venue will incur additional travel expenses but every attempt will be made to keep that cost to a minimum.   

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