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If you have read Angel Talk, Guidebook to Angel Talk or Healing with Angel Talk, please e-mail your review to  Thanks!


Love and light!


"Life without limitations is awesome!  I gave away a wheelchair, walker and cane shortly after I was healed!  My biggest goal is to inspire others to never give up, take better care of themselves; and get in touch with their spiritual side!"   - Cathy Catching

"Angel Talk"

"What a beautiful story of faith. A read that will have you questioning your own beliefs and wondering if the voices you hear are your own angels. Thank you for sharing your miracle with the world. Love and light." ~ D.M. 

“I read the entire book in one night!  My eyes are open to so many things now!”

“I have always believed in angels but even more so now . . . I have been inspired to pay more attention.”  ~ L. W.

"I'm half way through in one night and loving it!! I feel like I can hear your voice as I read. Well done, girlfriend, well done."

"This book will inspire you and I heard Cathy's voice as I read it!  I  keep it by my bed for there are times that I like to go back and read it again." ~ B. G.

"If any of you would like an honest and real read on the power of prayer and faith, I highly recommend her book. There were things she spoke of that brought me to ponder signs that were out there that I just wasn’t paying attention to."

“Thank you Cathy ! I am almost completely thru your book ! And I noticed so many similar parallels in my life ! SO EXCITING and so hopeful ! I think I hear music all the time and the " TINKLING " blew me away !!! I too have heard that ! Your book has restored my faith that divine intervention is all around us ! We just have to train and hone in on the signs. You have a beautiful soul, and it is so refreshing to meet someone like you !”  

"If you haven't read Cathy's, Angel Talk  do so !!! It inspired me, gave me hope, and taught me so much ! Wonderful and Inspiring ! The Divine is all around us, and they WANT us to know them and communicate with them !" ~ L. T.

"I bought the book on Saturday and just finished it! I thoroughly enjoyed it Cathy!! Such an amazing story. I am looking forward to your next book. Thank you!!"

"I finished reading Angel Talk in four evenings.  That was such an awesome book. Very spiritual and uplifting.  Cathy Catching did such a fantastic job explaining what she went through.  I recommend this book to any and everyone.  It will touch you.  So glad my life crossed her path."

"I bought your book through iBooks and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it!  You are a true inspiration.  I am thankful for crossing paths.  God bless!"

"Angel Talk is a well-written, fascinating testament of one woman's interaction with her angels.  I found it so interesting that I read it in only a couple of sittings.  I, like I suspect of others, have found many situations that parallel with events in my own life.  I, too, have a fascination with angels and believe they are here in the world with us to help us on our way to divinity.  Give this book a try.  I think you will enjoy it!  I did!"  -  D. R.

"Cathy Catching is a true earth angel messenger.  In fact, she's completely touched by the angels and shares that experience in the journey she so candidly shares."  -  L. C.

"I visited your shop this afternoon and purchased your book in passing.  What a faith affirming book - I've already read it cover to cover.  I'm aligned with your perspectives, especially the one about not believing in coincidence.  I've come to believe the word "coincidence" is the excuse people use to ignore the subtle examples of God's presence in our daily lives.  I appreciate you sharing your story!"  - B. F.

"I just read your book!  It was so interesting that I read it in less than a day!  Your story is a great blessing to all.  I wish you peace and unconditional love."  - B. H.

"I devoured Angel Talk!  The fact that Angel Talk is both an entertaining adventure and spiritually inspiring kept me turning the page.  Cathy's personal trials and optimistic determination fed my sense that there is more beyond our 3D Universe to experience, and more importantly, use in our daily lives.  I really appreciate Cathy's willingness to share her very personal trials and successes with us."  - S. S.

"I very much enjoyed your book and I must say it has inspired me tremendously!  I could not put it down ... I finished reading it and have ordered Guidebook to Angel Talk.  Thank you for sharing all the info in the book and for sharing your story, your blessings and knowledge!"  - L. R.

"When you read Cathy's book, it is like listening to a friend share her amazing story about angels and healing.  I recommend this book to all my family and friends.  The angels are there for each and every one of us and we just need to open up a bit and begin to let them help us.  This book is a good way to make it happen!"  - S. H.

"I just wanted to say I am almost finished with the first book and all I can say is WOW!"  "Your story is amazing!"   -  C. R.

"Amazing!"  - G. S.

"It is an amazing book to read.  I could not put it down!"  - A. P.

"Guidebook to Angel Talk"

"Just finished Cathy's second book, Guidebook to Angel Talk and I have to say this is a must read for any one that is interested in becoming closer to their angels, spirit guides and any other divine being.  Cathy's book is overflowing with step-by-step instructions, informational guidance, easy to relate examples and delightful personal stories."

"While reading Guidebook to Angel Talk, I personally had a few uplifting experiences and became more aware of my angels.  One of my experiences was finding out the name of my soul angel - all I did was ask!"  - K. H.

"Healing with Angel Talk"

"Amazing book!"  -  J. S.

"Love the book, highly recommend it.  Would be a great gift. "  - A. A.

"Your book is really helping me work through this healing. Thank you for writing such a wonderful guide."  J. T.

"Even if you don't believe in angels, light beings, spirit guides, or whatever term you want to use, this book contains a wealth of information on how people can heal emotionally and physically. Through helpful pointers on how to maintain positive thoughts, how to love yourself and others, how to meditate, and how to eat and exercise properly, it provides information necessary to aid in the healing process. "

"For those with a more spiritual leaning, this book also discusses the ten essential lessons you must learn in order to achieve true happiness. Finally, it teaches how to recognize signs from our angels, who are always available to guide us, by detailing their methods of communication. I use what I have learned from this book on a daily basis and have experienced extraordinary results!"  N. B.

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