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Angel Message on Ebola

While we understand your concern surrounding the outbreak of Ebola in your country, please don’t be fearful and spread these same messages of fear to your neighbors. This can create mass hysteria which adds to the problem, not the solution. Please don’t criticize every decision that has been made as those people made the best decision with the information that they had at the time. Instead, take this time to evaluate a few things within your own life. Are you doing everything that you can do to make sure that you are healthy? This means do you eat properly, get exercise, abstain from smoking and illegal drugs? Healthy people are better able to fight off infections of any kind. Spread this message instead and encourage your neighbors to take better care of themselves. Also, don’t forget that there is a supreme being that will guide you into what you need to be doing. Have faith that He will take care of this situation. It is sometimes difficult to understand the reasons behind these events, but always trust that there is a bigger picture. Take this time to boost up your prayers for yourself and your neighbors. Sending you love and light!


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